The Dentist

Posted by Mama on Thursday Mar 25, 2010 Under Uncategorized

Five days ago L took her first trip to the dentist. I had told her about it tons of times and she was super excited until the hygienist came out to get her. As soon as she saw the scrubs she freaked out and said she didn’t want to go to the doctor.

We got back there and after a bit of being three year old rude she sat down when Dinosaur Train showed up on the TV. Then the chair went backwards and she REALLY freaked out! She liked it when it went up but going backwards was a no no. Then she got some really cool sunglasses to wear so the light wasn’t so bright and that made her feel special. She thought that was pretty neat when the hygienist was counting her teeth, she tried to count too but it was a little hard with a hand in her mouth.

She was pretty good for the dentist as well. She let her count her teeth and bit down when asked. The dentist said the had very good teeth and asked if she brushed them to which L answered, “yup.” Then the hygienist “tickled” her teeth. L loved getting to rinse and use the water sucker! All in all she did amazing on her first trip!

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