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I am writing this post about me. I am planning on starting my own blog soon where I want to (hopefully) review books, talk about saving money and talk about food. Until then here is my first review…

The Busy Moms Bible

I found a link to get this free through one of the money saving blogs that I read. I thought, why not, I need a new bible.  It’s true, I have had mine for over 10 years and it shows. It  shows all the church camp, New Way Singer tours, trips back and forth to college and home and all the times we’ve moved. So I signed up. Then I promptly forgot about it. When it showed up I was very surprised, and not just by it’s arrival.

I opened it up and fell in love with it. The color (Pink, Hot Pink and a Brown Stripe) was amazing, so vibrant, and the soft leather cover is indescribable. Then I picked up out of the box and was surprised at how light it was. I thought there was no way that it could be a full bible but it is. It’s small and light, easy to keep with you.

Then I opened it up. Nice crisp, clean pages. The print is small but larger than you would think for the size of the bible. On the back of the cover page it tells you how to use the Busy Moms Bible. Then you flip through a ways and you find a pink page. (The devotion pages are in four different colors: Pink, Green, Blue and Burnt Orange.) On each page their are four different devotions (2 on each side) on one subject. The first set is called “GOD is…”

Each devotion is then split into three different sets: 1 minute, 5minutes and 10 minutes. This gives you the opportunity to spend time with God even if you just have a minute! I love that they also give you a “Word to take with you today” that keeps you thinking on your devotion.

In the back of the bible there is also some more 5 and 10 minute study guides and reading list. All in all I am very happy with it. It is a New International Version, which I know some people prefer and others stay away from.


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