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We got a kitty. The girls have been wanting a pet forever. L wanted fish but we just kept killing them so we gave up. Then she wanted a puppy but got K instead. K is the real cat lover. She just squeals with delight to see them. She does that for just about any animals but mostly cats. My parents have cats and after our last trip there we decided that it was time for a family pet. We agreed that for us a cat would be best even though Daddy is not a cat lover.

I did a little research on the humane societies website and then we decided to go to one of the PetSmart Locations that had cats and look. The first time we had no luck. Then we tried a different one. Still no luck. Even so we knew that we were going to get one so we bought most of the stuff we would need. Then I looked online and saw there were some new cats at the first place we looked so I decided the girls and I would go look.

Bright and early (well as early as we could since the store didn’t open until 9) last Wednesday we went to look. There was only three cats. Two were out of the question because they had to long of hair. That left Faith. As soon as we walked in the room she was begging for our attention. The girls fell in love right away and so did I. What won me over is that she didn’t back away when K squealed at her. So we filled out the paperwork and brought her home.

The first day she was a little nervous but she fell in love with Daddy as soon as he came home. And he has a soft spot for her as well. Now 6 days later it’s hard to imagine life without her. She had her vet visit today and was perfect! She was healthy except for some ear mites. The vet thinks she is closer to 6 months old than the 11 that the humane society thought she was.


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