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I, K, have officially started walking. Mama didn’t get any pictures but that is because I kept walking from her to Daddy and she didn’t think about it until after the fact.

I had a blast after dinner just walking across the living room from each parent. A couple of times I dropped down to my knees, put my head down and whimpered a bit. I got over it pretty fast and then started walking again.

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More pics by L

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The other day L took some more pictures. I really liked some of them.

About 2 seconds after this last one she dropped the camera. She hurt her toe but was more worried that she had broken it and that said “Daddy is going to be so upset.” I told her that it was okay, she didn’t break it and Daddy wouldn’t be mad, accidents happen. Then I took this picture to prove to her that she didn’t break it. She said, “That’s my sad face.”

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The Dentist

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Five days ago L took her first trip to the dentist. I had told her about it tons of times and she was super excited until the hygienist came out to get her. As soon as she saw the scrubs she freaked out and said she didn’t want to go to the doctor.

We got back there and after a bit of being three year old rude she sat down when Dinosaur Train showed up on the TV. Then the chair went backwards and she REALLY freaked out! She liked it when it went up but going backwards was a no no. Then she got some really cool sunglasses to wear so the light wasn’t so bright and that made her feel special. She thought that was pretty neat when the hygienist was counting her teeth, she tried to count too but it was a little hard with a hand in her mouth.

She was pretty good for the dentist as well. She let her count her teeth and bit down when asked. The dentist said the had very good teeth and asked if she brushed them to which L answered, “yup.” Then the hygienist “tickled” her teeth. L loved getting to rinse and use the water sucker! All in all she did amazing on her first trip!

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Mama time…

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I am writing this post about me. I am planning on starting my own blog soon where I want to (hopefully) review books, talk about saving money and talk about food. Until then here is my first review…

The Busy Moms Bible

I found a link to get this free through one of the money saving blogs that I read. I thought, why not, I need a new bible.  It’s true, I have had mine for over 10 years and it shows. It  shows all the church camp, New Way Singer tours, trips back and forth to college and home and all the times we’ve moved. So I signed up. Then I promptly forgot about it. When it showed up I was very surprised, and not just by it’s arrival.

I opened it up and fell in love with it. The color (Pink, Hot Pink and a Brown Stripe) was amazing, so vibrant, and the soft leather cover is indescribable. Then I picked up out of the box and was surprised at how light it was. I thought there was no way that it could be a full bible but it is. It’s small and light, easy to keep with you.

Then I opened it up. Nice crisp, clean pages. The print is small but larger than you would think for the size of the bible. On the back of the cover page it tells you how to use the Busy Moms Bible. Then you flip through a ways and you find a pink page. (The devotion pages are in four different colors: Pink, Green, Blue and Burnt Orange.) On each page their are four different devotions (2 on each side) on one subject. The first set is called “GOD is…”

Each devotion is then split into three different sets: 1 minute, 5minutes and 10 minutes. This gives you the opportunity to spend time with God even if you just have a minute! I love that they also give you a “Word to take with you today” that keeps you thinking on your devotion.

In the back of the bible there is also some more 5 and 10 minute study guides and reading list. All in all I am very happy with it. It is a New International Version, which I know some people prefer and others stay away from.


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Hissy Fit

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Scene: at the mall. L has just had a meltdown because we’re leaving. L is tearfully trying to get Daddy to let her do what she wants.

L: “I want to see the trains!”

Daddy: “No, you were naughty.”

L: “I want to go play!”

Daddy: “No, you were naughty.”

L: “But I have to be good!”

Daddy: “That’s right, but you were naughty.”

L: “But I want to be good!”

Daddy: “Then be good!”

L immediately stops crying and takes a few deep breaths. She behaves fairly well for the rest of the trip!

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We got a kitty. The girls have been wanting a pet forever. L wanted fish but we just kept killing them so we gave up. Then she wanted a puppy but got K instead. K is the real cat lover. She just squeals with delight to see them. She does that for just about any animals but mostly cats. My parents have cats and after our last trip there we decided that it was time for a family pet. We agreed that for us a cat would be best even though Daddy is not a cat lover.

I did a little research on the humane societies website and then we decided to go to one of the PetSmart Locations that had cats and look. The first time we had no luck. Then we tried a different one. Still no luck. Even so we knew that we were going to get one so we bought most of the stuff we would need. Then I looked online and saw there were some new cats at the first place we looked so I decided the girls and I would go look.

Bright and early (well as early as we could since the store didn’t open until 9) last Wednesday we went to look. There was only three cats. Two were out of the question because they had to long of hair. That left Faith. As soon as we walked in the room she was begging for our attention. The girls fell in love right away and so did I. What won me over is that she didn’t back away when K squealed at her. So we filled out the paperwork and brought her home.

The first day she was a little nervous but she fell in love with Daddy as soon as he came home. And he has a soft spot for her as well. Now 6 days later it’s hard to imagine life without her. She had her vet visit today and was perfect! She was healthy except for some ear mites. The vet thinks she is closer to 6 months old than the 11 that the humane society thought she was.


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