Adventure of the lost tooth

Posted by Mama on Saturday Oct 13, 2012 Under Lorelai

My four front teeth have been loose for awhile. Then one of my bottom teeth just got looser and looser. Last night mama tried to pull it but I went “ow, ow, ow.” She couldn’t figure out what was keeping it in, I could move it just about every which way.

This morning it fell out in bed. I went and told mama. I also told her that I dropped it. She searched the floor where she thought it would have fallen from my bed. Then she searched my bed, moving my blankets and dolls. Then she checked K’s bed since it’s under mine. Nothing. She did it all again. Finally she was ready to give up, it wasn’t anywhere that it should have been if it fell where I said. Then she looked under my pillow,

and found my tooth.


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80s day

Posted by Mama on Thursday Sep 27, 2012 Under School

I had spirit week at school. My favorite day was 80s day. K wanted to dress up too!

I told mama that I thought it was weird that we got to have an 80s day at school and she said she when she was my age everyday was an 80s day.


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K’s first day of 3′s preschool

Posted by Mama on Thursday Sep 27, 2012 Under Uncategorized

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1st day of Kindergarten

Posted by Mama on Monday Aug 20, 2012 Under School

Today I started Kindergarten! I’ve been waiting since January to start. Here are some questions Mama asked me when we got home.

  1. How did you feel today? Really excited
  2. Did you have fun? Yup. It was the most fun day I ever had.
  3. Who did you meet? Erin
  4. What was your favorite part of the day? When we went to the library
  5. Do you like your teacher? Yes
  6. Are you excited for the rest of the year? Yup!
  7. What did you learn? The Kissing Hand (book), Read and Write (book).

I also told her:

“We had recess twice and it was AMAZING!” and “After you left I felt a little shy and nervous about Kindergarten.” ” How long did that last?” ” About a second or two.”

Mama took some pictures before we left this morning.

Thanks for stopping by and hearing about my first day of Kindergarten!


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L-ism : Brain

Posted by Mama on Saturday May 19, 2012 Under Uncategorized

This morning while trying to figure out my outfit I kept having issues. Finally I just told mama, “Sorry! My brain’s upside down!”


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Posted by Mama on Monday Jan 9, 2012 Under Uncategorized

This week I have Kindergarten Round-Up and was talking to Mommy and Daddy about it in the car. Part of the conversation went like this:

Me: “Is that when we have cowgirl camp?”

Mommy: “Um, no.”

Me: “Cause it’s a round-up.”

Then mommy said that I was too smart. I know!


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Real Artist

Posted by Mama on Friday Nov 18, 2011 Under Uncategorized

Mama: “Having issues kiddo?”
Me: “I have to make this stand up.”
Mama: “Why?”
Me: “Because real artist make art stand up.”


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Posted by Mama on Wednesday Jul 20, 2011 Under Uncategorized

Here is our feet compared to Daddy’s.

Mommy says I have Daddy’s super long toes. I think K may have them too.


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The Buzz Skirt

Posted by Mama on Monday Jul 18, 2011 Under Uncategorized

Mama made me an awesome skirt. I love, love, love it. It’s Buzz Lightyear. Also, Grandma happened to bring this shirt for me that matched the fabric Mama had got to go with the Buzz fabric.

Thank you Mama and Grandma for my favorite new outfit!

~K aka Little Miss

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Day 18

Posted by Mama on Tuesday Mar 29, 2011 Under Uncategorized

Mama took her boots off upstairs for some reason on this day. I took the opportunity to have a little fun. Mama says this reminds her of when L used to do this with Daddy’s shoes.


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